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MINI Cooper Clubman - Engine Control Module - MAXPower by MADNESS (F54/ F55/ F56 Model) 1.5L

The MAXPower Pro features completely new, next-generation hardware with exclusive, all-new proprietary mapping that is designed to delivery significant power gains and outperform the competition.


HP and TQ Performance Gains of up to 20% where it counts!*

MAXPower Pro modules feature the latest generation 64-bit processor along with proprietary software to deliver performance gains where it counts. Instead of focusing on top end gains that users rarely reach, we focus on power gains in the mid range where you would actually feel them.

Our latest generation hardware and proprietary software allows us to provide you with significant boost in power that you WILL feel. You can expect horsepower and torque gains of up to 20% throughout the power curve.

No Inflated Performance Gains

We do not inflate performance gains or use fancy charts/ graphs that show unrealistic power gains. Rarely will you drive your vehicle at speeds and conditions in which you will be able to verify these numbers. Rather than post unrealisting gains or inflated numbers we simply offer our product with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We are confident that trying is believing and driving the vehicle with the MAXPower PRO installed will show you much more than any graph/ chart.

Road Tested

Our MAXPower Pro modules have now been installed on countless vehicles all over the world. We have personally put on tens of thousands of miles of testing on our own test vehicles prior to release. Since the release of these modules fellow enthusiasts from all around the world, in every conceivable weather condition, fuel grade, and level of vehicular abuse have given these modules the ultimate test (daily use). In short - we know it will work for your vehicle, no matter where you are in the world, and no matter what your driving habits are.

Power You Can Feel

Rarely do you drive your vehicle at high speeds the way someone would on a track and take your engine to the very edge. We focus on delivering power gains in the low end and mid range where you will feel them on a daily basis as you drive. High horsepower gains that look good on a dyno sheet require giving up some gains in the low and mid range. We feel that most drivers would prefer better gains in the low and mid range where you can feel it and use it on daily basis rather than gains that will rarely be replicated unless you are on a track going all out.

Going to the track? Custom Race Track Only Tunes are available on request.


Next Generation Hardware

Setting the standard for tuning products to come

The new MAXPower PRO is more than just an improvement over previous generation hardware, it features cutting edge technology with many features exclusively available on the MAXPower PRO!

All New 64-bit Processor

A new 64-Bit Processor is capable of handling and processing data significantly quicker and much more efficiently than all other previous generation processors (most units on the market still use an older 16-Bit or even older 8-Bit Processor). This means the MAXPower PRO is able to read, write and adjust the values being read from the various sensors much faster and much more efficiently. This allows for superior all around power delivery.

Multi-Channel Adaptive Tuning

The MAXPower PRO features an advanced 64-bit microprocessor controlled computer board that optimizes power demands in real time according to engine load and speed. The module reads data from various sensors simultaniously and more efficiently than other competing units.

27,000 Adjustment Points

The majority of other ECM units incorporate only 20-30 points for tuning. The MAXPower PRO with the help of the newly released 64-Bit Processor allows for up to 27,000 adjustment points. This allows the MAXPower PRO to provide a much smoother and faster power delivery when compared to other units that feature older generation hardware.

Cold Start Timer

A warm-up timer puts the upgraded performance on tap only after the engine has reached ideal operating temperature. It is better for the engine to allow ample time for it to warm up properly before being asked to deliver maximum performance.

Your vehicle is already warmed up? No problem! You can easily bypass the Cold Start Timer for immediate power gains.

Advanced Built-in Protection

The MAXPower PRO includes advanced circuity designed to protect your vehicle. In the event a sensor or value is found to be out of its normal range, the MAXPower PRO will simply return the system to stock parameters ensuring peace of mind.

Expandable Hardware

The MAXPower PRO is designed utilizing hardware that is easily upgradable if the need ever arises or if and when new features and/ or functions become available. This means the MAXPower PRO will not become obsolete compared to other units that feature older generation hardware.

Remotely Upgradeable

If and when software updates are released there is no need to send the unit back for updates. If newer software becomes available for your model it can be flashed and installed remotely for a much quicker and painless upgrade process.

We program our modules on premises and our team can guide you through the update process (if ever needed) with detailed instructions. You will not have to ship your MAXPower PRO back to us unlike other units in the market.


The MAXPower PRO offers user friendly installation!

The MAXPower PRO is designed to give you significant power gains with well tested tested and proven results. The module is also designed with user friendly installation and removal. With the vehicle-specific adapter plugs, installation can be carried out in just a few simple steps. We have a knowledgeable and accessible staff who can assist you via phone, email, or in-person, with any product questions, installation, or post-install support.

  • Plug-and-play installation with no special tools needed
  • Factory style connectors
  • Preconfigured and ready for use immediately after installation


The MAXPower PRO comes with a 2 year product warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that our MAXPower Pro ECM will outperform all other ECMs on the market in power delivery, drivability, features and reliability or your money back! Order it, install it and use it for up to 30 days. If you are not 100% satisfied return it for a refund. It is that simple!


This means if the product develops a fault it will be repaired, or if un-repairable, it will be replaced free of charge.** Unlike other ECMs without the bypass plug or a direct flash there is no downtime for your vehicle if a problem ever occurs. Simply unplug the ECM, install a bypass plug and ship it to us. We will promptly take care of the issue and ship the unit back.

  • Vehicle-specific tuning
  • 2 years product warranty
  • OEM quality materials
  • Excellent reliability
  • Superior product longevity

CARB Certification

The MAXPower PRO has been tested for performance gains and emissions output by the SEMA Emissions Compliance Center for CARB Compliance. The preliminary tests concluded that the modules work correctly and fall within the legal requirements for CARB Certification. Certification with CARB is currently in progress. The process is very detailed and very lengthy. Until full certification is granted by CARB this module is being sold for "Off Road/ Race Use Only".

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