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MINI Cooper Clubman F54 Throttle Response Controller

Manufacturer: MADNESS Autoworks
Rating: (34 reviews)

$349.99 $299.99

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One of our top recommended mods
for those looking to improve performance and response!

Want to enhance the performance of your vehicle?

Before you try any other upgrade we suggest adding the GOPedal Plus first. The installation takes minutes with basic tools and the mod is fully reversible. There are many upgrades you can do, but why not start with something that is easy to install and comes with a free trial. This simple mod will transform your vehicle (or your money back!) and provide you with a great starting point for your other mods by allowing you to adjust throttle response as needed.

Having trouble passing and merging?

The GOPedal Plus safely modifies the program of your accelerator pedal. This will provide you with faster and more precise throttle response when you put your foot down to pass or merge.

The notice will be Night and Day!

Like driving fast, but not all the time?

The GOPedal Plus puts the control in your hands! The module comes with multiple throttle maps that cover every driving style. In addition each map can be further customized/ fine tuned by you if the need or want is there.

Can I install it myself?

The GOPedal Plus installs in minutes with basic tools!

What if I don't like it?

Don't worry! We are confident you will love this upgrade. The MADNESS GOPedal Plus comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Use it for up to 30 days and really try it out for yourself.

If for any reason you do not think this is one of the best upgrades you have done to your vehicle simply reach out to us for an RMA# and ship it back!

Different Modes for
Different Driving Styles

Choose the mode that suits you.
Change it instantly if needed.

Traffic Mode

Excessive traffic?

With this mode, you can take it easy. The response of your accelerator pedal is reduced when starting from a standstill.

This level is perfect for Stop and Go Driving during Rush Hour Traffic Jams.

Your stress level will thank you.

Five levels of fine tuning

Eco Mode

Eco Mode helps reduce
fuel consumption.

This mode is designed to maximize fuel mileage by introducing a more conservative throttle map.

This driving mode can help you to save money by conserving fuel.

Five levels of fine tuning

Street Mode

Street Mode gives you a more sporty feel with improved throttle response.

Your vehicle will have a significantly improved response offline, smoother acceleration and reduced throttle lag.

Five levels of fine tuning

Race Mode

When the Street Mode just isn't enough....

This is THE mode to select if you want to extract the maximum amount of response from your vehicle.

Five levels of fine tuning

Protect Mode

  • Enabling the "Protect Mode" adds an extra layer of security to your vehicle.
  • Once the Protect Mode is activated your throttle pedal is deactivated!
  • The thief may be able to open and start your vehicle, but they cannot drive away.

Valet Mode

  • Limit the performance of your vehicle in situations when needed.
  • When you hand over the keys simply press the "Valet" Mode Button.
  • This feature will limit the throttle response of your vehicle and force the driver (valet) to drive your vehicle nice and slow.

Bonus Features

MINI Cooper Clubman F54 Throttle Response Controller - MADNESS GOPedal Plus

You are in control!

MADNESS Autoworks presents the future of plug in throttle pedal tuning. The new MADNESS GOPedal Plus!

There are countless upgrades available for your MINI Cooper Clubman, why not start with something you can feel!

Thousands of satisfied enthusiasts from all over the world have purchased and use the original MADNESS GOPedal. Now we are proud to introduce the next generation of Plug In Throttle Pedal Tuning. Our new Bluetooth Controlled MADNESS GOPedal Plus is here! As good as the original GOPedal is the new Plus version is even better!

The original MADNESS GOPedal became one of the most popular and best reviewed product upgrades and continues to be a very popular upgrade. The new MADNESS GOPedal Plus takes all the things our fellow drivers loved about the original up a notch!

The MADNESS GOPedal Plus is designed to reduce initial lag felt in todays drive by wire vehicles like the Ghibli by allowing you to advance your throttle’s timing to give you a more direct response for a much improved feel.

Easily control your MADNESS GOPedal Plus with the handy wireless remote control or with your smart phone using our GOPedal Plus App.

Easily view the status of your module. You can easily see what mode you are in, check battery life and connection to the vehicle. Easily switch between modes by either the wireless handheld controller or your smart phone.

The small remote control fits in the palm of your hand and allows you to easily switch between different throttle map programs based on your current needs and the driving environment. 

The controller can be easily mounted to most surfaces on and around your dash/ center console using the custom made mount that is supplied.

CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Wireless Remote Control

Our MADNESS GOPedal Plus is the latest and most advanced throttle tuning module on the market.

It features a wireless controller for ease of use. It is also Bluetooth equipped in case you would like to use your smart phone.

The unit comes with the latest features along with a complimentary phone app in case you would like to use your phone as well.

Our new wireless controller and the included Bluetooth App feature makes usage and control a breeze!

Auto Calibration

Intelligent calibration automatically detects and adjusts accelerator pedal signal for seamless operation as needed.


Our MADNESS GOPedal Plus also features a Warm Up Timer to help protect your powertrain until it is warmed up.

Made in Germany

Made to the highest standards in Germany.

Unlike most of our competitors we do not produce our hardware overseas in factories that do not have to adhere to strict manufacturing processes. Most of our competitors chose to source their hardware from China or Turkey to save on costs. We believe your safety is of the utmost importance. Because of this we manufacture our hardware in Germany to the highest standards. It may cost us more to source hardware components from Germany, but we do not think you should put a price on your safety and the safety of your passengers.

Our hardware has been certified by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Federal Motor Transport Authority) according to ECE regulations/guidelines 2014/30/EU (EMC) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. At this time USA does not mandate that throttle modules get safety certification (like the EU) in order for them to be sold. Even though it is not mandatory in the USA, we feel your safety is important. This is one of the many reasons we source our hardware from Germany.

The best hardware along with the newest and most advanced software makes the GOPedal Plus the best throttle controller product on the market!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Don't take our word for it. Use it for up to 30 days and compare it against the competition. If you do not think the GOPedal Plus is a fantastic upgrade and is superior to all other throttle modules on the market simply return it for a full refund.

Fully reversible

GOPedal Plus does not harm your vehicle.

The MADNESS GOPedal Plus once installed is completely hidden and out of the way. It does not void your vehicle warranty since it does not make any permanent changes to any of your factory software. It is designed to operate without interfering with your factory ECU.

1,000's of satisfied users

Our first (original) GOPedal was introduced in 2010! Since then thousands of fellow enthusiasts have enjoyed the benefits of our modules.

Our new GOPedal Plus is the newest and most advanced Throttle Tuning Module on the market.

It combines all the great features of our original with many new and exclusive features not found on any other product.

Full 2-year warranty

Our warranty is simple! Have a question? Need assistance? Give us a call directly. Our team is based in US at our own facilities and each one of them has personally used, installed and tested this item.

Being informed about what we offer allows you to receive the best product support.

Any issues? No need to send anything across the world and wait. We take care of it locally and quickly!

Easy Installation

You can install MADNESS GOPedal Plus by yourself and have it ready to use in minutes. Other modules may require professional assistance.

App Control

The GOPedal Plus can also be controlled with the new smartphone app. Operation is just as easy and intuitive as with the remote control. The GOPedal Plus app can be downloaded free of charge from the relevant app stores for Android and Apple smartphones.


The GOPedal Plus PRO comes with a 2 Year Product Warranty and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied, return it for a refund. It is that simple!


The MADNESS GOPedal Plus is manufactured to the highest standards in Germany using top grade hardware.

The unit comes with a full 2 year warranty. If for any reason the unit has any issues simply contact us. We will promptly assist you by first working directly with you to help answer a question, a concern or to help diagnose and resolve the issue (we have these modules in our own vehicles). If for any reason we cannot resolve the issue remotely or if the unit is unrepairable, it will be replaced free of charge. Simply unplug the GOPedal Plus and ship it to us. We will promptly take care of the issue.

These units have been close to bulletproof and most issues are resolved over the phone in minutes.

Why should you invest in the
instead of another throttle control module?

There are several reasons why you should consider purchasing a MADNESS GOPedal Plus over the competition. Firstly, our throttle control modules are assembled and programmed in the USA by our team of dedicated fellow enthusiasts, using the latest hardware from Germany. This means that our products are of higher quality, offer more features and can perform better than mass-market options.

Secondly, the MADNESS GOPedal Plus is designed to outperform the competition or your money back. Yes, it has the most advanced hardware and many unique features, but don't just compare features! Install it and actually use it. Every throttle control module will work differently. Compare them and you will easily see why we offer a Money Back Guarantee.

Keep in mind that all of our MADNESS GOPedal Throttle Control Modules come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This gives you the peace of mind to try our product and see for yourself how it can enhance your driving experience.

Overall, MADNESS Autoworks' commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction make our entire line of MADNESS GOPedal Throttle Control Modules a superior choice compared to the competition.


Quick Start in 5 simple steps

Switch off the ignition, place the key away from the vehicle and wait for 10 minutes for all systems to power down.

Now disconnect the accelerator pedal.

Connect the supplied cable in between the accelerator pedal and the original connector.

Connect the GOPedal Plus to the supplied cable. Be sure to mount the GOPedal Plus and cables so that they do not interfere with the pedals. Use the adhesive strips and cable ties for this.

Confirm the handbrake is engaged and the vehicle is in park or neutral. Turn on the ignition without starting the engine.

Depress the accelerator pedal all the way down slowly and hold it for 2 seconds.

Download the full manual

The installation of the GOPedal Plus is really simple. We have shown the assembly schematically in five steps.

Further important information on the installation as well as on the many functions of the GOPedal Plus can be found in the operating instructions.

Download GOPedal Plus Installation Manual

See what people have to say


I installed the new GoPedal with the BT app and it works great!
01/18/2023 |

Ajani Penny

These guys are pros and know a lot. He went out of his way to explain to me different types of exhaust systems and which would work best. I will definitely be back to the exhaust system now. Thanks Madness. Oh and this throttle controller. Best purchase thus far.
06/29/2021 |

Jerome D.

OMG the gopedal by madnessautoworks is crazy! I turned it to the max and immediate acceleration, with makes the pedal very touchy! I used m old magnetic cell phone holder to stick it in the vent for its holding spot. I'll look like a lead foot everywhere.
05/28/2021 |


Holy Sh@t! The new GoPedal is insane! Glad we did all the improvements.
05/20/2021 |


This thing really pulls now. Really is much more responsice. Next is ECU tune this weekend with MADNESS MAXPower PRO.
04/27/2021 |

Tristen Tramel

Madness got my whole setup delivered in under 2 weeks total. Very happy with the Lusso exhaust system, go pedal, dv+, maxpowerpro, and BMC filter.
03/19/2021 |


This thing rules, works as advertised. I love playing with mine.
03/02/2021 |


Guys this little device is a game changer
02/04/2021 |

Keith B.

I am happy to say that I am super happy with the Go Pedal. It absolutely makes a difference. It is amazing!
01/26/2021 |

Keith B.

I am happy to say that I am super happy with the Go Pedal. It absolutely makes a difference. It is amazing!
01/26/2021 |

James McCulloch-Grant

I’ve been using the Bluetooth version for about 6 months and highly recommend it. I removed it yesterday before I took my car to get a service and the car felt so sluggish. It really is amazing the difference it makes, I drive on the max setting. Normal mode feels like dynamic mode now. It literally takes less than 2 minutes to install.
10/21/2020 |

Jason Bender

Been running the Madness pedal for several months now. At the point where if I turn it off the car feels borderline undriveable lol. Kinda wild how much of a difference it makes.
10/20/2020 |

Abraham Ortega

For those who are skeptical about this or are curious about the GoPedal, this is my honest opinion. It makes a difference! The pedal response is a lot quicker than factory. It takes less to feel the turbo pull. Since I’ve installed it( 2days) I’ve liked it a lot. Even on eco mode, you feel it pull better. And the installation was very easy. 10 out of 10
08/10/2020 |

Mike McLeish

I just got one 2 days ago. Definitely changed the throttle characteristics. I found Sport or Sport+1 to be idea.
07/23/2020 |

Eric Rudolph Gunzel

I was a skeptic, however I am pleased to say I notice two important benefits for myself. 1) I heal & toe all the time and to have immediate throttle response to get proper rpm is essential. Problem solved. 2) At freeway speeds the ability to downshift and get immediately to the power band has been a delight. Thanks
07/01/2020 |

Larry S.

I love my GoPedal. Had it turned off by accident at the drag strip last weekend for 1 race, and got a HORRIBLE start because I was used to it being on!
06/05/2020 |

Nick M.

Go pedal is no joke! Worth every penny.
05/28/2020 |

Sean C.

WOW! Wish I would’ve bought and installed sooner. Major difference and now I enjoy driving my car much more! Took away the annoying lag. Should’ve came like this out of the factory! Highly recommend!!
05/28/2020 |

Scott Melagrano

WOW!! Night and day throttle response! A must have
05/20/2020 |

Nick V

Best accessory I have ever bought for any car. Wakes up the gas pedal and improves driveability! Love it!
02/20/2020 |


Deff a major difference. Worth the money.
02/12/2020 |

Craig Kitts

Madness works great on ours.
02/05/2020 |


I used this for about two years and this was easily the best mod for the car in terms of electronics.
01/12/2020 |

John Schlupp

They Rock!!!!
11/18/2019 |


Wow the difference is night and day! Its a must-have.
11/15/2019 |

Mark M.

Three words - HO-LEE-SHIT, every stoplight is a drag race, why not! Max the curve in sport+ mode and away you go. Installs easy, soft side-channel locks to grab retaining clip edge and two bandaids for sausage fingers to hook it up. Slid cable behind console gap at the floor with control setting at end of the seat track. Money well spent.
08/12/2019 |

George M

As advertised,what a difference the Gopedal made in my car,I would recommend this to anyone wants more getup and goooo! Great product.
05/29/2019 |


I just got this installed yesterday and man what a different this thing can do to your smart car in minutes. Awesome product!!!!!
09/21/2018 |


Just got mine in. Night and day difference in throttle response. Installation literally took all of 39 seconds.
10/11/2017 |

Matt Bova

Easy 5 minute install and instant improvement in performance. This pedal is a must-have.
06/27/2015 |


love this upgrade sure notice a improvement in response time very easy install , highly recommend this upgrade
03/15/2015 |

Brian Hughes

OK People this IS the cats meow ! If you do nothing else to your ride you have to have this item for your car . The Go-Pedal made all the difference in the world to the response and quickness of my ride . Keep the shinny side up !
02/27/2015 |


Easiest 5 minute mod. This went great with my Madness ECM!! I love being able to dial in the throttle response to whatever im feeling for the day. Great advice.
02/26/2015 |


I got the Go Pedal for Christmas and absolutely love it. While it adds no horsepower on paper, it feels like it does. They told me when I called that it would feel like a whole different car and it does. I highly recommend it to anyone.
01/02/2015 |

Arpin Wiradisastra

Thank you very much for your kind explanation (of how to use the MADNESS GOPedal), it was great, and i feel this device is amazing comparing to sprint booster (used to have), i really satisfy with this device and it can make my car running like formula 1, ha ha ha........anyway thanks again.
10/31/2013 |

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